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ASICS is designed for different types of training and the design of FIT YUI and CONVICTION X training shoes, with advanced technology and materials, can adapt to the body in the training process of the natural movement, so as to maximize the optimization of personal training effectiveness. The design of CONVICTION X shoes to help fitness enthusiasts to improve athletic performance in high strength training, it uses the ASICS Human Engineering Research Institute and a number of patented materials have better permeability, stability, durability and grip. FIT YUI shoes for women is indoor fitness and its unique design, fit and Retro jordans for sale flexibility make the wearer move freely, but also provides comfort and fashion, excellent sense of support. All two new products will be on sale in January 1, 2017. arrived Friday night, "take one day," video selection column, as usual to meet with you. To count today, and even this week, the big event, the official release of Air Jordan XXX this morning, an absolute seat. As of Jordan Brand 30th anniversary on the Air Jordan XXX highlight recent hearsay scraper, until this morning officially opened a mystery, so before the exposure of the shoe body appearance to get both praise and blame someone call it Air, Jordan XX9S, s cheap jordan shoes for men ome people think that most of the new generation in the design of the focus on the actual combat, after all the shoes are used to play. So where is the inspiration for the design of the Air Jordan XXX? Jordan Brand also officially released concept short films, and maybe you'll have a new view after watching it. Of course, there are more exciting clips waiting for you this week. Don't miss it. ; a Air Jordan universe in the morning of the first report, we have highlighted the design of Air Jordan XXX Jordan emphasizes the concept of the universe, whether it is on the upper stars, earth and sky tongue pattern shoe cheap jordans for sale s side on the details are echoed that theme. At the same time the design of Air Jordan XXX by Tinker Hatfield in Michael Jordan in 1988, he led the dunk contest of the classic picture sketched the whole universe Jordan, adding new graphic in the familiar image, put aside the previous car, building or music this external things creative inspiration, return to Michael Jordan on my body. Looking at the text may feel too unreal Just look at the short film. : , a duel between superheroes Batman V Dawn of Justice Superman: may be the most watched superhero movie this year. After the old rival Marvel to suppress the Cheap air jordan 12 ovo DC Comics for many years, this year has finally started to fight back, the company's two most popular super heroes also resorted to build this super suction gold for the trailer has been released after watching many times, the first movie DC Comics official released more recently it is exciting. Batman's car "Batmobile" Superman is easily removed, and the warning not to appear, called "dead bat" 〉the same white shoes and black color collocation infrared shoes design details, and low to help themselves, bring a new visual experience. after exposure spy, real picture also appeared network, but there is no definite rel Retro jordans for sale ease date, we will continue to pay attention to.In order to provide the three basketball hero's tribute, NIKE particular time before the NBA playoffs kicked exposure, called "Superhuman" series. Enabling the Air Hyperflight basketball shoes look perfect blend of redefining Lunarlon foam and the Lunar Force 1 Hyperfuse Both ultra-lightweight shoes as a basis for a series of designs inspired by the lightning speed of Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant snake unparalleled insight and alertness, and Lebron James indestructible will and toughness. Blue and lightning represents KD, green and snake perspective refers KB, as for orange-red Ai Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping r Hyperflight with cosmic galaxy diagram, with mainly black tone of the Lunar Force 1 represents the LJ, each with a image disclose a "master" in the arena superhuman skills. It is reported, "Superhuman" series of shoes will be held March 29 at the official Nike Sportswear major retail store shelves, superior technology, lightweight and comfortable wearing experience, coupled with a strong sense of visual impact body of the shoe design, Members shoe fans and fans may wish to consider oh! & nbsp;[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] on Taobao to buy two pairs of so-called "authentic" Nike shoes, get a hand saw, ro cheap jordans for sale mens ugh, LOGO very "cottage." These days, Mr. Li Yuhuan encountered such a dilemma, he suspected that the shoes are fake, ask the seller for compensation. Not only can the seller refused Lee's request, also insisted that two pairs of shoes are from Jiaojiang JJ department store sold. [suspect] "authentic" Nike shoes look like "cottage" goods In mid-May this year, when visiting the Taobao Li Yuhuan, fancy a Nike brand slippers, shoes, original price to 499 yuan. But the seller told Lee during the event, a pair of shoes as long as 188 yuan, and repeated "promise" from Jiaojiang JJ shoes Nike counters sold in department sto cheap jordans online res, is absolutely genuine. Lee taking into account the price is affordable, but also the store to do that shoes should not leave, they immediately took two pairs of shoes. After a few days, when the courier sent to the hands of Lee, he froze for a moment, send the address turned out to be on the express orders of Putian, Fujian. "Since it is purchasing merchandise from Jiaojiang JJ, why should a big circle around, from Fujian send over there?" He said. Lee opened the package and saw that the inside of the two pairs of shoes to see how all like genuine, there is color, not that rough work, even LOGO are printed very "c cheap foamposites ottage." Sellers are not issued formal invoice, only one store receipts sent with the goods, a small ticket inscription reads: Zhejiang Taizhou Jinjiang department stores. Subsequently, Mr. Lee put shoes on a sports photos on the forum please friends "identification." Users are given almost unanimous conclusion: fake ! [negotiations] Buyers seek compensation, but it was more of harassing phone calls "before buying, they have repeatedly guaranteed to be authentic, if not three times the price of goods can compensate." Mr. Lee decided to sellers claim. But when Lee contacted the seller on the Internet, they still in Cheap air jordans for sale sist that the shoes are sold in department stores Jinjiang, without any problems, and that Lee was vexatious. Lee angrily expressed to give a bad review, I did not expect this, "light" each other's anger. Seller "threat" that if given the negative feedback, they send "dirty stuff" to Lee. in the evening after Lee and buyers contact, his cell phone received more than 20 harassing phone calls, the next few days, we are constantly harassing phone calls. intolerable Lee reported to the local police station. But the police told him that this is the use of harassing phone calls are generally called "Internet phone call software chase" allocated to users of the software difficult to detect. No way, Mr. Lee can only complain to Taobao customer service, but as of yesterday, Taobao did not give a statement. Yesterday, according to Lee's URL, the reporter found that this called before "leave a compensable three genuine counter purchasing shop" Taobao, Mr. Lee still buy shoes online sales. This store has two "Diamond", the "authentic guarantee" "accurately describe the" signs on the home page. [respond] JJ department stores responded: Never opened counter purchasing online shop "Now that the seller has repeatedly insisted that the shoes are from Jiaojiang JJ merchandise sold, then it is not the mall in the sale of counterfeits?" Lee thought the mall to find an explanation. "This is certainly not the two pairs of shoes sold in our store." Jinjiang merchandise planning department official said, because the mall was never opened shop, the Internet has no counter purchasing shops, "This is obviously Taobao Jinjiang is the use of department store brands to sell their goods, which have to some extent had a negative impact to the mall. We are prepared through legal channels, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the mall. " Recently, the reporter contacted the Nike brand in Taizhou area of ??a dealer Zhang Yong. He said that after this happened, they also helped Lee examined the mall to buy two pairs of shoes, the test results are counterfeit products: "Last year, the bridge several shopping malls are also a similar incident occurred, and now there are a lot of network the name of the mall stores are counter purchasing banner cheat consumers trust, the sale of counterfeit and shoddy products. We recommend that consumers online shopping must stay in mind "(Chinese shoes Network -. the most authoritative and most professional shoe News, Media Partners : Clothing News)